Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes


Kirk F. Lechtenberger is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has over twenty years experience representing individuals charged with serious crimes in the federal courts in Texas and throughout the United States. Courts of admittance; Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Georgia Northern District Court, Michigan Eastern District Court, Texas Eastern District Court, Texas Northern District Court, Texas Southern District/Bankruptcy Court, and Texas Western District Court.

The federal criminal justice system is complex, with rules and procedures that differ from state courts.

Crimes that are prosecuted in the federal criminal justice system are punished in reference to the United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which typically suggest long prison sentences, heavy fines and serious restitution. To make matters worse, federal criminal cases are investigated and prosecuted by some of the country’s most aggressive and experienced law enforcement agents and prosecutors.

If you are currently under a federal investigation, contact an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney. Kirk F. Lechtenberger has over twenty years trial experience and successful results.